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Connect with a team of like hearted women who are changing the way we think + talk about menstrual cycles. If you love Serial Healers and want to promote body literacy, becoming a SH ambassador may be a good fit for you!

You'll earn comission on referrals, join the team + other ambassadors on monthly calls, help us create new programs + guides, and share the mission of empowered fertility. 


Ready to apply?

Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being accepted into our ambassador program: 

1. Follow us on social media

2. Have a public profile on your social media

3. Post consistently. We don't care about follower count - we care about intentional, consistent social media presence

4. Know what empowered fertility means to you

Apply below

place your application

Acceptance into the program starts with filling out an application. We go the extra mile in our application process to ensure you're the right fit because you're not just an ambassador if accepted, you're a member of the SH team!

Before you apply, here is what you are committing to if accepted: 

  • Posting 2 stories a week on your instagram

  • Posting 2 posts (reel, carousel, etc.) a month

  • Being active in the SH community

  • Learning Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)


Have questions?

Jenna, our co-founder, is also our ambassador manager & handles all things related to the program. 

Send her an email at:

We are here to answer any questions Monday-Friday. 

Meet the team


Hey there, I'm Jeana

Founder of Serial Healers, FAM Educator, Menstrual Cycle Coach

I found FAM at the worst time in my life. I was came off hormonal birth control when I was 21 and then had one of my traumatic years: I got married, found out we were pregnant, discovered I was miscarrying triplets, got pregnant again, and then delivered 8 weeks early via emergency c-section. To say I was terrified of my fertility would be an understatement - then I found FAM. For the first time since I learned what a period was, I didn't fear my body or my fertility. I understood how my body functioned and that I could take charge of my fertility and make informed decisions when it came to deciding when and if I was going to add any more children to our family. I have succesfully used FAM over the past 7 years & I share everything I've learned along the way with you inside the academy! 


And I'm Jenna

Co-founder of Serial Healers, FAM Educator + Ambassador Manager

I quickly learned once coming off hormonal birth control that I wasn't ovulating and needed to make some lifestyle changes to support not just my cycle but my overall health and wellbeing. That was over two years ago and what a journey it has been to relearn my body and tune into what it needs. Learning FAM has provided me the opportunity to play an active role in the decisions I make with my reproductive health and also reclaim my autonomy. It's allowed me to create a life I love without the worry or fear of pregnancy. Becoming a FAM educator has been the most beautiful process & I'm so excited to support you through your own journey! 

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