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successfully avoid pregnancy without relying on hormonal birth control


You weren't taught anything you actually needed to know about your menstrual cycle. No one handed you a 101 guide to being a woman and that's left you confused, overwhelmed, and downright frustrated. We're changing that by teaching you to trust your body and understand that pregnancy isn't possible 24/7!


You can think of the academy as sex-ed 2.0 that isn't taught by your gym teacher and actually teaches you everything you need to know about your body & fertility.

Like when your "safe" days are because you know pregnancy isn't possible and how to identify your fertile window or when you can get pregnant in your cycle!

Learn how to

actively avoid pregnancy without the use of hormonal birth control with a method that's 99% effective.

  • 3 months of monthly classes + coaching

  • Over 15 pre-recorded classes

  • Bi-weekly calls to check in

  • 24/5 text support (yes, you can text us!)

  • 3 months of free access to the Read Your Body app

  • Use FAM as pregnancy prevention

  • Know exactly when you are infertile vs fertile

  • Confidently identify "safe" days

  • Unlimited FAM chart reviews
  • 3 months free access to the Haus of Fertility

Stop guessing and use a well researched framework to avoid pregnancy and feel empowered about your fertility!


Not sure if FAM is

the right fit for you?

We get it, we didn't even know FAM existed or was an option until our early 20's! Take the introduction to FAM course before enrolling to see if it's a good fit for you to manage your fertility!


Learn FAM at your own pace

Learn FAM at your own pace through 3 different modules that each contain over 15 bite sized pre-recorded classes. After you complete each module you'll schedule a one-on-one personalied chart review with one of the SH mentors. You'll receive text, email, and one-on-one support with unlimited chart reviews throughout the process!

Module 1: Everything You Didn't Learn in Sex-ed

Module 2: Becoming the Expert of Your Fertility

Module 3: Your Body is Your Birth Control

Once you complete all 3 modules you'll be added to the Haus of Fertility to continue to receive charting support for an additional 3 months while learning even more charting techniques!

"This course was amazing. Not only do you learn some really incredible things about your reproductive health, but I guarantee you will learn something about YOU. Even if you enter the course wanting to make NO changes to your current life, you will get something incredibly valuable out of it. The information I learned was not only validating on so many levels, it was also really eye opening who I am as a woman and how I show up in the world every day. I cannot recommend this enough."

Katie B

Cycle Academy

enroll in
the academy

Get Started for as low as $78

We offer a pay in full, 3 month, or 5 month payment plan. Your first month is due at the time of enrollment if you choose a payment plan option.


Hey there, I'm Jeana

Founder of Serial Healers, FAM Educator, Menstrual Cycle Coach

I was placed on birth control when I was 14 and promised it would "fix" everything I hated about my menstrual cycle. Spoiler: it didn't. What I learned in my early 20's was that my cycle wasn't my enemy and that I could actually reclaim my fertility without the use of hormonal birth control. 


This is what I am inviting you to find for yourself: freedom.


We're talking about the freedom to reclaim your birthright of feeling at home in your body because you no longer fear your fertility, you can address hormonal concerns before they spiral into full blown problems, and you can make informed decisions about your sex life.

What more could you ask for?!

How does FAM work?

Our cycles have a distinct hormonal pattern they follow each cycle. This pattern happens in a very specific order and this allows you to track your hormones to know when you're fertile vs infertile. 

It takes around 3 minutes out of your day to track your hormone status based on your cervical mucus and basal body temperature.

What do you need to track?

To be off of hormonal birth control or in the process of transitioning off and a basal body thermometer. That's it! The rest is learning how to interpret and read your chart inside the Cycle Academy!

What if I track incorrectly?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track while on birth control?

Most hormonal birth controls work by suppressing ovulation. This makes it impossible to track as your chart will essentially just show the fluctuations of the synthetic hormones instead of your hormones. The only form of birth control you can track with is the copper IUD, otherwise you need to be off hormonal birth control to track your cycle.  

The method that is taught is also the one that our founder uses and it has been scientifically proven to be 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. You won't be guessing when you can or can't get pregnant, you will know. Plus you can text your chart to Jeana at anytime with questions. 

How long is the academy?

The academy includes 3 months of reproductive health, fertility awareness method, and menstrual cycle coaching support. You will learn how to confidently start tracking your cycle within the first module and can connect with an instructor at anytime via email or text.

I track with an app, so why would I need to learn to track?

Most apps are guessing your fertile window based on your past cycles and their algorithm. Studies show apps are typically only correct about 21% of the time meaning they work for some, but definitely not for everyone. Don't leave it up to chance because with FAM instruction you aren't guessing you know when you're fertile vs infertile. 

Can I track with PCOS?

Yes! If you struggle with PCOS, Endometriosis, amenorrhea, and other menstrual cycle issues you can absolutely track your cycle. Learning to read your chart will not only empower you to know what's happening with your hormones but will tell you when you need to talk to your doctor and get labs done. 

Isn't tracking my period enough, how is this different than that?

Tracking your period tells you the days of your period, that's it. You won't be able to determine your fertile window (when you can get pregnancy each cycle) and if/when you've ovulated based off the days of your period. The academy teaches you how to track all 4 phases of your cycle - not just your period and all the hormones with it!

What if I'm coming off birth control to conceive?

Check out the Conscious Conception course or send an email to Jeana at The academy can be a good fit if you're not TTC right now but plan to in  the future. 

What is the cost to enroll in the academy?

The full tuition of the Cycle Academy is $387. You can choose to pay in full to enroll or choose a payment plan. Payments are due according to a 3 month or 5 month plan and the first payment is due at enrollment.

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