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Beginners Guide to Charting Cervical Mucus

Beginners Guide to Charting Cervical Mucus


Confused about what's going on "down there?" You're not alone! This 18 paged guide will demystify what's happening down under with information on: 


+ the 3 different types of cervical mucus

+ why your mucus changes throughout your cycle

+ how to interpret & chart each type

+ how mucus plays a vital role in your fertility


A link will be sent to you at checkout to access the guide. It is yours to keep and reference anytime you need. Please note that this is the beginners guide to charting cervical mucus and will not teach you how to open and close your fertile window, you will need to enroll in our Cycle Academy or Pregnancy Prep Courses to learn the rules of the method to reach your goal of trying to avoid pregnancy naturally or actively trying to conceive. 


Got questions? Send an email to 

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