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Beginners Guide to Timing a Pregnancy

Beginners Guide to Timing a Pregnancy


You are not fertile every single day like you were told in high school. Unfortunately you didn't receive the education you should have and definitely weren't told how to become pregnant. This guide breaks down:


+ the 3 things you need to become pregnant

+ when pregnancy is possible 

+ chances of conceiving each cycle

+ the difference between fertile vs infertile cervical mucus mucus 

+ a thorough breakdown of how to track your cervical mucus

+ the role mucus, basal body temperture, and LH tracking plays in your fertility

+ and a special discount code to enroll in our Pregnancy Prep Program to receive TTC support!


A link will be sent to you at checkout to access the guide. It is yours to keep and reference anytime you need. Please note that this is the beginners guide to understanding when you are fertile vs infertile and will not teach you how to open and close your fertile window, you will need to enroll in our Pregnancy Prep Courses (coupon code included in the guide) to learn the rules of the method to reach your goal of actively trying to conceive. 


Got questions? Send an email to 

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