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Ultimate Guide to Understanding PCOS

Ultimate Guide to Understanding PCOS


Missing your period? Think you might have PCOS? Already been diagnosed and wondering what's next? Walk step-by-step through the different layers of this complex condition and receive education on:


+ the 4 different types of PCOS

+ how to get diagnosed

+ common symptoms & how to manage them

+ the link between infertility and pcos

+ common medications and supplements

+ charting concerns for irregular/missing cycles

+ and more! 


A link will be sent to you at checkout to access the guide. It is yours to keep and reference anytime you need. Please note that this is the guide will not teach you how to open and close your fertile window, you will need to enroll in our Cycle Academy or Pregnancy Prep Courses to learn the rules of the method to reach your goal of trying to avoid pregnancy naturally or actively trying to conceive. This guide is to be used for educational purposes only and will not diagnose, treat, or cure PCOS. 


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