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Cycle Academy

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Stop guessing and use a well researched framework for making informed decisions about your fertility & overall reproductive health. Inside the Academy you will learn how to actively avoid pregnancy without the use of hormonal birth control with a fertility awareness method that is 99% effective. The Academy includes: + Over 15 pre-recorded bite sized classes + 3 months of monthly classes + coaching + Office hours for one-on-one support + 24/5 text support (yes, you can text us!) + 3 months of free access to the Read Your Body app + Use FAM as pregnancy prevention + Know exactly when you are infertile vs fertile + Confidently identify "safe" days + Unlimited FAM chart reviews + 3 months access to the Haus of Fertility *Once you enroll you have lifetime access to the program as long as the program is available.*



3 Plans Available, From $78.00/month

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