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knowledge is power

a private group for those using FAM to build connections + charting confidence

Inside your monthly Haus of Fertility subscription you'll have access to:

+ unlimited chart reviews

+ weekly menstrual cycle coaching

+ reproductive health education

+ a community using FAM

+ and so much more!

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Join our members only facebook group

While you're building your confidence and expertise in charting, identifying mucus, and understanding what all those temps really mean it should feel empowering, not isolating.

Connect with a community of like-hearted women who are also taking charge of their fertility one cycle at a time!

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  • Haus of Fertility

    Every month
    Become the Expert of Your Fertility
    • Unlimited Chart Reviews
    • Weekly Menstrual Cycle Coaching
    • Reproductive Health Education
    • A community of like-hearted women

Q: How does the subscription work?

A: the Haus of Fertility is a month-to-month subscription, meaning you can cancel or restart your membership anytime you need. 

Q: When is my subscription due each month?

A: Your subscription will automatically be charged on the date your subscription started each month. For example, if you subscribe on the 7th then you will be billed on the 7th of each month until you notify the team via email of your cancellation.

Q: Is there a requirement to join the Haus of Fertility?

A: Yes! You need to be using a method of fertility awareness before subscribing. You can join if you are self-taught and are confidently able to identify your biomarkers. If you are not confident in your ability to identify mucus, BBT, etc then we recommend starting with the Cycle Academy or Pregnancy Prep course first to learn a method. 

Q: What is included in the subscription?

A: Access to new content each week and unlimited chart reviews, menstrual cycle coaching, and discussions with the Serial Healers team. Not to mention connecting with a group of women who are also using FAM! 

Q: I'm currently in the Cycle Academy, when do I get access to the Haus of Fertiilty?

A: Students enrolled in the Cycle Academy or Pregnancy Prep programs are able to join the Haus of Fertility at no additional cost as the subscription is included in their enrollment fee. 

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