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support for you + him

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You were told that you can get pregnant anytime but now that you're actually trying that doesn't seem to be the case.. 

FAM (fertility awareness method) teaches you how to understand when you're fertile each cycle to optimize the timing of a pregnancy.
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a hard truth

It takes an average of 3-6 months to become pregnant when everything is "going perfectly"


 Even if you are doing everything "right" it still may take up to a year to become pregnant

You can decrease that timeline by learning how to chart your cycle to know exactly when you are fertile vs infertile and recognize any issues that need to be addressed with your fertilty

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"Thank you so much for creating this class!! I've been telling my boyfriend I wanted to go off birth control for months but we just didn't know how it would affect our s*x life with wanting to avoid pregnancy. I found you on TikTok and am SO happy I did! I thought I was going to be playing a guessing game every month and now I feel a lot more comfortable, in control, and am excited to get to know myself and experience a real cycle. So thank you so, so much, Jeana."

Rachel G

Cycle Academy

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 prepare to conceive with cycle charting

 & nutrition support 

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"My mission as a nutritional therapist is to bring knowledge about food and lifestyle to my community in a fun and joyful way. Food doesn’t have to be stressful or boring. Meditation doesn’t have to be confusing or tedious. Feeling good inside and out should be natural."


Ashley knows how important nutrition is when it comes to fertility as someone who is managing her PCOS. Inside the program she walks you step-by-step through simple nutritional & lifestyle habits to support yourself & your fertility while TTC!

Meet Ashley

Founder of Magic & Wellness

its all in the details

Learn at your own pace and receive support & coaching from the Serial Healers team as needed

Enrollment includes:

pre-recorded self paced classes

Text & email support

Unlimited chart reviews

Lifestyle support for you & him

Pre-conception nutrition with Ashley

Pre-conception lifestyle with Ashley

3 months free access to Read Your Body app

*Lifetime access to the course

*Lifetime SH Support


Hey there, I'm Jeana

Founder of Serial Healers

I learned FAM after miscarrying my first pregnancy and then successfully conceiving and delivering 8 weeks early. I was searching for answers about my cycle & fertility that my doctors at the time couldn't provide.


I found what I was searching for inside the info my cycle gave me each cycle charting and used that data to conceive my second daughter. I share everything I've learned along the way (that's backed by research) for you to feel empowered & supported during this process.

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frequently asked questions

I conceived my first child fine, why am I struggling now?

You're not alone! Many students enroll in the pregnancy prep program for this reason. There are many factors such as stress, lifestyle changes, diet, etc that directly impact your fertility that may not have been a concern previously. Each pregnancy and attempt to become pregnant is unique. 

How long is the program?

The program includes on demand classes for you to learn at your own pace. You will learn how to confidently start tracking your cycle within the first module and can connect with an instructor at anytime via email or text. Regardless of how long it takes you to move through the program you have continued support from the team.

I track with an app, so why would I need to learn to track?

Most apps are guessing your fertile window based on your past cycles and their algorithm. Studies show apps are typically only correct about 21% of the time meaning they work for some, but definitely not for everyone. Don't leave it up to chance! With FAM instruction you aren't guessing, you know when you're fertile vs infertile. 

What if I recently came off hormonal birth control?

Most (but not all) birth controls work by suppressing ovulation, which is necessary for becoming pregnant. Charting your cycle will notify you of changes in your cycle & when you start ovulating again. 

Can I track with PCOS?

Yes! If you struggle with PCOS, Endometriosis, amenorrhea, and other menstrual cycle issues you can absolutely track your cycle. Learning to read your chart will not only empower you to know what's happening with your hormones but will tell you when you need to talk to your doctor and get labs done. This isn't a good fit for everyone though

Isn't tracking my period enough, how is this different than that?

Tracking your period tells you the days of your period, that's it. You won't be able to determine your fertile window and if/when you've ovulated based off the days of your period. The program teaches you how to track all 4 phases of your cycle and how the hormones fluctuate through those phase - not just your period.

What if I'm coming off birth control to avoid pregnancy?

Check out the Cycle Academy course or send an email to Jeana at The academy can be a good fit if you're not TTC right now but plan to in the future. 

What is the cost to enroll in the pregnancy prep course?

All pregnancy prep coaching spots are currently full. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when a spot becomes available. TTC coaching starts at $400 with payment plans options available.

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