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Accelerate your timeline of
through charting, movement, & nutrition
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Despite the best efforts of your gym teacher & Mean Girls to scare you into thinking you're fertile every day, you're not ... and it's time you feel empowered about your fertility instead of confused + terrified of it

goobye birth control

If you're tired of the endless side effects of your birth control and are ready to manage your cycle without the synthetic chemicals, we got you! Learn how to successfully avoid pregnancy inside our Cycle Academy
It all starts with understanding your cervical mucus to know when you're infertile vs fertile
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Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) teaches you how to track + chart your cycle to:

+ gain reproductive health insights

+ actively avoid pregnancy without birth control 

+ plan the timing of a pregnancy 

+ track periods through peri-menopause

+ advocate for yourself in your doctors office

+ and so much more!

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Join the over 100,000 women who are putting their fertility back into their own hands. You want to know how your cycle works and confidently chart it to reach your fertility goals without birth control and we have the tools + protocols to support you every step of the way!

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Image by Allyssa Olaivar
"Thank you so much for creating this class!! I've been telling my boyfriend I wanted to go off birth control for months but we just didn't know how it would affect our s*x life with wanting to avoid pregnancy. I found you on TikTok and am SO happy I did! I thought I was going to be playing a guessing game every month and now I feel a lot more comfortable, in control, and am excited to get to know myself and experience a real cycle. So thank you so, so much, Jeana."

Rachel G

Cycle Academy

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